Futur and place of health insurance

Health insurance in 2022

Health insurance in 2022

Luc Domergue's Contribution

Luc Domergue is a contributor to the work of the concorde foundation. He participates therefore to this common work which enables, by giving access to all, to have a better understanding of the constantly evoluing world we live in.

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The COVID crisis has underlined the importance of having a financially balanced healthcare system that can be sustained over the long term with a logical and sound articulation between the role of public authorities and private actors. It is in this context that the Fondation Concorde publishes this note on the future of our healthcare system, with a view to preserving the quality of the service provided to users and the sustainability of the trajectory of healthcare expenditure.

The Fondation Concorde explores all avenues contributing to innovation, the reinforcement of competition, and the complementarity between the roles of the public and private sectors, with the sole objective of providing answers to the questions of our fellow citizens about the future of our healthcare system.

The purpose of the note written by the Fondation Concorde is to provide the new government, which will be in place in June, with some reference points to enable it to make decisions at the beginning of the five-year term.


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