Founder & Director

Luc Domergue

Introducing & Experiences

Photo de profil de Luc Domergue- Directeur d'EAP Conseil affaires publiques et lobbying

My Experiences

  • 1993-1995 : Technical advisor at the cabinet of Sir Dominique Perben, Minister of oversea territories
  • 1984-1989 Director of the economic development of the french region Centre
  •  2019 : Founder of EAP Conseil which works like a previous advisory structure

My Scolarship

  • 1976 gradueted of the National Institute of Agri-food Paris-Grignon
  • 1978 Civil ingeneer of forest and water genius
  • 1989 : MBA HEC

My Journey

I had reponsabilities both in private and public sectors, throughout my function of general delagate of trade-unions structures in the sector of agri-food(sugar, rhum ...).

I contributed to the first development of the French activity in the sector of lobbying in Brussels and participated to the creation of the deontological regulations of the professions with the SEAP.

I have contributed in key negociations in big european subjects in sectors of energy, transports, environment, agri-food, commercial european politics, competitiveness rights, and a regualr contribution to the evalutation of conformity, in the respect of the european reglementation of state aids.

Phone number

06 65 61 64 04